Sri Lankan cuisine has evolved notably over the past few centuries.Originating as a black pepper curry nation, we are now reputed to be a red hot chilli country. Kaema Sutra (directly translated as The Art of Food) is our way of paying homage to this evolution of our local cuisine.

Contemporary Sri Lankan Cuisine is a result of many influences. At Kaema Sutra we adopt the finest cooking techniques of other cultures, bringing traditional equipment to the fore and use only the best produce that our island has to offer.

Our constant pursuit for the best ingredients in Sri Lanka has led to us only using the freshest export quality lagoon Crabs and freshwater Prawns. Our chicken is not frozen, with daily deliveries of chilled chicken courtesy of the good folks at PRIMA CHICKEN! Our mallums are made with fresh Sri Lankan green leaves, the varieties differing based on availability, delivery and seasonality; and are made on order to offer you the best.

We value the wellness of our customers and to that extent we use only sunflower oil for our Rotis and Roast Chicken. Our Hoppers and String Hoppers are made with local rice flour and are gluten free.

Islander Organic farm who custom grow baby okra for our sister restaurants, is now doing the same for us to ensure flavour and tenderness.

We practice Japanese knife skills to better cut and dissect fish for curries; and follow the philosophy of attributing the strength of the dish to its core ingredients. We believe in enhancing not overpowering and gather inspiration from our cultural heritage.

We believe that there is a chef, a foodie, a poet and an artist in all of us and we hope you will join us on this ever-evolving culinary adventure by emailing us your recipes, ideas and experiences to Cuisine today goes beyond art and science, it's a lifestyle, and we hope to integrate your preferences in our menu to delight you further.

"We are not redefining Sri Lankan cuisine; but are emphasizing its uniqueness. We are neither village based cuisine nor traditional, but are inspired by both and base our ethos on it.Our restaurant is simply one sphere of the evolutionary process of local cuisine and we feel truly honoured to
present to you The Art of Sri Lankan Cuisine
- Kaema Sutra.”

Dharshan Munidasa
Jacqueline Fernandez

Chef Dharshan Munidasa partners with Actress Jacqueline Fernandez to create Kaema Sutra, Colombo’s newest culinary gem. The restaurant delivers a unique dining experience to Sri Lankan palates. The Kaema Sutra experience is chic in presentation yet rich in flavour. Inspiration is drawn from traditional Sri Lankan food which is taken from local street fare and served against a lush background. Modern in its surrounding with characteristic Sri Lankan accents, Kaema Sutra is inviting and intimate for two, yet spacious enough to host a crowd.

Located at the Arcade Independence Square (the former Auditor General Building) in the heart of Colombo, Kaema Sutra is the ultimate destination for contemporary Sri Lankan cuisine. Enjoy pre-drinks at the bar from a variety of cocktail combinations, while sampling our range of snacks. Relax with your meal and enjoy the ambience of our indoor and outdoor courtyard dining. Take-away is also available should you wish to dine within the comfort of your home.

Arcade Independence Square,
No.30, Independence Square,
Colombo 7.

Tel No: +94 11 267 0722 | +94 11 267 0822

Opening Times
Lunch 12.00 noon – 3.00 pm
Dinner 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Seating Times

6.00pm – 7.30pm 6.30pm – 8.00pm
7.30pm – 9.00pm 8.00pm – 9.30pm
9.00pm onwards 9.30pm onwards

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